Monday, June 11, 2007

So Long

I think it's time I reached the end of the line, and laid Desert Odyssey to rest for a while.

She's been essentially dead for a long time, now, anyway.

The purpose this site originally served was to keep me in touch with family while I was deployed to Qatar. New to blogging at the time, I quickly became addicted and it transformed into a type of therapy for me. Gradually, I moved from a Milblogger, to politics, to life in general, and then eventually--to nothing. I used to take notes throughout the day on things to write about. Now, I occasionally remember that I have a blog out there.

I've tried many times to get back into this, but it just ain't happening. With the move coming up, and a radical change in lifestyle with it, maybe I'll come back to this. But for now--I'm done.

I still have my other blog, where I chronicle my family's training in Tae Kwon Do, but even that one's gonna fizzle since we're about to take a two month hiatus until we get settled in Alabama.

I will keep adding things to my Flickr account, as I still love that and am still taking pictures every day. I've been debating doing some form of 365--either of myself or the kids.

This has been a lot of fun, and has changed my life in ways I won't even begin to list here. I've made some amazing friends, and have had a wonderful time. I'll still be out there--reading and commenting, and someday I may come back to Desert Odyssey.

Until then, so long--and thanks for reading.