Cast of Characters

Me, Lucky - Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and father of four. I originally started blogging when deployed to the desert in Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, and it carried over into becoming a sanctuary for me. Unfortunately the anonmity of the blogosphere eventually distintegrated, and I took a hiatus. This blog is my sanctuary--trying to be a bit more anonymous this time around.

Superwife (SW) - My wife of 13 years.  Stay-at-home mom who is busier than I am managing the daily lives of four kids.  She is also heavily involved in the local community.  She was an Air Force RN who would probably be a full Colonel by now.  When she found out that she was pregnant with Monkey she cut ties and never looked back.

Monkey - Our oldest, she is 13 years old.  Extremely care-free spirit who loves life but tends to be self-centered.  As a result of her personality she tends to be very irresponsible, much like her dad.  Very much a natural athlete, she is big into soccer, softball, and swimming, as well as riding horses.

Cowboy - Next in line at 11 years old.  Tends to be the more quiet one of the bunch.  Has a huge heart that sometimes lets his emotions get in the way.  He's a little smaller than most his age, but has a great amount of "street sense" and can usually think his way out of trouble.  Absolutely hates school, and loves video games.

Odie - #3 at 6 years old.  Probably due to the fact that he has two older siblings, he has more energy and volume than any kid I've ever met.  Extremely affectionate and fun-loving--always has a smile on his face.

Princess - The baby at 3 years old.  Following in her older brothers footsteps, she tends to be very shy and quiet but can produce a temper tantrum at the drop of a hat that you can hear several states away.  75% of the time she is a perfect angel, and appears to be following Monkey in her love of all things girly.