Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stress Training

Sometimes the military baffles me with the way they think they "handle" things. Today's big event was "anti-stress training." I guess they've had their share of people go 10,000 miles away from friends and family into a combat zone and come back "not quite right." So the fix here is for them to give us a mandatory briefing saying essentially "deal with the stress--have a good day." While over there they said that I should work out (as if there is anything else to do) and be with friends (as if I have anything else to do--I guess I'll be with friends while working out). The thing that bothers me the most is that when Airman Snuffy comes back all messed up from being forced to work a convoy instead of sitting behind a desk like he's supposed to this little 15 minute waste of time will relieve the military from taking total responsibility for it.

On a more positive note--I finished the first part of my Physical Fitness test today with flying colors by running my 1.5 mile in 11:42. Faster than I have run since college. Still not losing any weight but that's really not what I'm concerned with at this point.

I would expect a post on here from me at least every other day from here on out. Tomorrow afternoon marks the 2 weeks remaining mark. Posts may drop off during my first few days there but I'll bring everyone up to speed quickly.

If you're bored slap your tack up on my guest-map on the side. I doubt I'll get more than a few from family and friends but you never know.

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