Monday, August 29, 2005


As I've been watching coverage of Hurricane Katrina the thought occurred to me that what those people are going through is probably a lot like what the people in Iraq went through when we invaded. Granted, bombs dropping are a bit more severe than a hurricane--but I could see how our military blasting across the border would give a similar reaction. At least we're sticking around to help clean up the mess.

Ok...jitters are oficially starting to set in. When it comes down to it this is just something I've never done before so I'm just a little nervous. Fortunately I'm going in a large group so worst-case I'll just follow the crowd. Tomorrow and Wednesday I get to go roll around in the mud and pretend I'm escorting a convoy--not quite sure why we get this training but it's mandatory for everyone. I guess the intent is just to get all of those that are going to Baghdad as well as us going to Qatar.

Emily has been dealing with the whole morning/midday/afternoon/evening sickness from the baby. We should be having our first appointment this week. Last report was that she's 8 weeks along with a due date of April 10th. Given her history of being early I'm guessing he'll (we actually think its a she) be here around the same time Sammy showed up (early-mid March). Either way, God willing, I'll be here for the last couple of months when it really gets fun.

Please say a prayer for those in the path of the Hurricane today--it looks like they're going to need it.


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