Friday, September 2, 2005

Final Countdown

One more week to go.

The bags in my house are starting to pile up--chem warfare bags, deployment bags, uniforms. Em will probably be happy to get me out of here just to clean the house up. My departure still hasn't changed--still leaving for a 30-hour journey next Friday. My apprehension is starting to pile up too--whenever I've had something to be nervous about I could always look at it as a short-term trial; like a test, a short TDY, a move. This one when I think about being nervous it's followed up by "well at least it's only four months long..." I'll be packing and finishing up things around the house this weekend (my last days off until next year, I think) like fixing the swingset that Sarah's been after me to fix. She lost her second tooth today--at least I was around to see how goofy she looks with a big gap in her teeth.

My town here calls Sept 9th "Patriot Day," presumably in honor of those who did the job on and after 9/11. It's ironic that that's when I'm leaving. It's also the day that "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" comes out--also ironic since my mother-in-law is named Rose.

The current discussion in the household is what to name the baby. We're assuming it's a girl from the way Emily's symptoms are raging. The current front-runners are Lillian and Emma. I like Max if it's a boy. Feel free to throw your favorite into the hat.

The link for today is the Red Cross again--as things have clearly deteriorated since my last post. I still can't understand what has taken so long for any action from the government. I know, since I've been on those alert crews, that we (the military) can react at a moment's notice.

Please keep them in your prayers--see you next time.

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