Thursday, September 8, 2005

Away We Go...

And away we go..

I've been asked a million times if I was "ready to go." The answer, after laying in bed with my son playing video games this morning, is a resounding "no." Physically, I am as ready as I will ever be. But I won't be here for Odie's first kick (Odie's the name my 4-year old has given to the creature growing in Emily's belly). I won't be here when mcgdo loses her next teeth. Halloween should be fun--although I will live through it in pictures. Bottom line is that I have been waiting for my entire career to go to war, and when my chance has finally popped up--the only thing I want to do is stay here and watch my kids. So, no--I'm not ready. And I don't think I ever will be.

Internally the hardest part, aside from family, is the uncertainty. I wish I knew what I was headed for as everyone else I'm going with does. All I've heard is "well if you have to deploy, that's the place you want to go to." So it looks promising. But not knowing is killing me.

From this point on, assuming that the Air Force disallows me from actually loggin into the blog, there won't be any photos. You never know--maybe I'll figure something out. But I would expect everything from here on out to be via email. If they continue to block Yahoo! email accounts I'll post mine on here so that if anyone wants to write they can.

I leave tomorrow morning at 1000 hours. I'll post from the road if I can.

God Bless.


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