Monday, September 26, 2005

Putting the War on TiVo

I was asking a guy I work with how he managed to get up and go to lunch during his shift since he was in charge of monitoring air assets around the theater. His response was “I just put the war on TiVo.”

It made me think for a while about why we’re here and what progress we’re making. If we could just stop everything—pause live TV so to speak—and think about it what would be our course of action? I have gotten into such a routine so far that I can’t see changes occurring before my eyes. I am amazed at how we’re fighting—we truly are the most powerful, high tech, ass-kicking military in the world. But I don’t see differences in front of me. Granted, I haven’t been here since 2003. So I imagine things may look considerably better than they did a while ago. But the bad guys aren’t catching a clue. They don’t realize that lifting a weapon against freedom or the United States is a virtually automatic death sentence. So they keep coming, and we keep going to get them.

It’s been slightly busier for me personally in the last few days thus the lack of updates. I’ll keep trying to get on here at least every couple of days. I have managed to get to the gym in some form at least once every day, but the running part of my life has seriously been sidetracked. The overall atmosphere here is kind of like a minimum-security prison with a lot of benefits. People just kind of do their thing with the intent of being a better person when they leave.

I miss my family immensely. 110 days left.


  1. I sat "the Floor" in Qatar back in 2003 running the air war and it sounds the same. It didn't change from the day I got there to the day I left. They come at us. We go at them. Repeat.
    I wish you the best and a quick return to your family.

  2. Sir,

    Just a quick greeting from a fellow Qatar Milblogger. I'm just a little down the road from you... The chow hall at Al Udied is worse than here - which is to say not so great.

    Take Care,