Wednesday, September 7, 2005

A Little Glitch

Man the military amazes me.

Before I begin my rant, I want to introduce you to my niece/nephew at the left. Looks like he's about the size of a jelly bean. You can follow along at my sister Katie and her husband Marc's website chronicling the birth of their first kid. Type the password "babybrun" to take a look.

Three little tidbits of knowledge were revealed to me today. Here's a list of the latest morale boosters the United States Air Force have developed for those of us deploying overseas:

1) Blocked Websites: And this is a kicker. I just found out today that the Air Force blocks even more websites on their servers over there than they do here. I think the intent is to keep guys from surfing websites that they're not supposed to, ala porn and gambling. But they expanded it significantly to "non-required" websites, such as Fantasy Sports, news websites and, of course, weblogs. End result is that I won't have access to this site while I'm over there. I guess I have the option of emailing my posts in, but pictures will be non-existent. If any of the 10-15 blog surfers that come by have any suggestions, I'm open to them. This was, more than anything else, a way for my family to keep tabs on me.

2) Power-Point: I also found out that my high-speed very important job over there is going to be working the 2300-0700 shift as a power point presentation creator. That really makes sense to have a pilot Major sitting in the dark typing powerpoint slides 10,000 miles away from home.

3) Deploying Isn't a Big Deal Anymore: I had this false impression that the military was going to, at the very least, have the families standing on the tarmac when we headed out. They used to. Now, I guess it's not that big of a deal anymore. Instead of a "send-off," Emily, who has bent over backwards to get released from work long enough to see me off, gets to drop me off at work and say goodbye. 8 hours later I get on the plane. That's it. No big deal. In fact, throughout this whole ordeal, I have had the feeling that noone really even cares that we're going.

What have I gotten myself into.

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  1. Your site is probably categorized as "Message Boards and Clubs", which are all blocked. You can go here register to find out exactly (go to top row , pull down products, click on database, URL look-up), but isn't necessary unless you're curious. What you can do is e-mail them, let them know your categorized wrong and you should be listed as "News and Media"

    This has worked for most bloggers. It may not be exactly the correct catergory but it'll get you unblocked.