Tuesday, September 6, 2005

All Packed Up

So much for time off. I had what I think is my last day off until January yesterday. You would think we would spend the long weekend chillin' out, but instead we blew large wads of cash getting my last bit of supplies ready. I'm all packed, ready to go. My mom would be amazed at how far ahead I'm all set. I even have my clothes laid out for Friday.

The waiting is killing me. I got my new mp3 player and have been downloading 4 months worth of CD's into it, got the PSP ready with as many games as I can stand, and for a new skill I'm finally going to learn how to play the harmonica (I'm sure my roommate, if I have one, will appreciate it).

The kids and I made bracelets with our names on them to wear while I'm gone. I made mine permanent, I think Sarah's will probably break by next week.

Sorry this isn't very exciting--I'm just in a holding pattern until I leave. Today's link is a blog called "Dancing with Katrina" and is a live account from the disaster on the Gulf Coast. While your waiting for mine to get interesting go check it out...


  1. Just stumbled across your blog at random. Best of luck to you over there, stay safe.


  2. Thank you very much!

    My first comment..(as I wipe a tear)