Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Playing Catch Up

Continuing on my attempts to catch up…

I’m starting to get my sleep schedule together. It took me a day to figure it out but essentially my AM is PM and vice versa. As long as I think in those terms setting up a schedule isn’t too difficult. I’ve had a couple of days to get into a routine. From what I understand this will change a few times during my tour here.

2000: Wake Up

2030-2130: Run

2130-2200: Shower/Get ready for work

2215: Bus to work

2230-0700: Work (eat @ 0100)

0700-0800: Gym

0800-1200: Free time to do errands, laundry, hang

1200-2000: Sleep

And that’s about it. I think if I can stay on that schedule I shouldn’t have much difficulty sleeping, which is apparently a worry because the rooms aren’t exactly light or sound-proof. While we’re on the subject of rooms, my solo occupancy of my temp room ended about 3 hours after I fell asleep after arriving. That’s when I picked up my first roommates (3 of them) and all their bags. To say it was tight is an understatement. As soon as they moved out 3 more moved in. On my third day they moved out and I currently have the room all to myself. In theory, the guy I’m replacing should be leaving in the next couple of days and I’ll be able to take his room. I’ve already bought a used TV, though I’m not sure what’ll be on during the day.

I have a pet ant in my room. On my first day I saw him wandering around the mini-fridge and I thought it was the first signs of an invasion, but the same ant (Gerry) has been there all week, just wandering around the same area. I haven’t had food in there, so I’m not sure what he’s up to. He’s moved up in status as I have been avoiding stepping on him. I was thinking of taking him on to my next room but if he lives there I wouldn’t want to waste him for my own personal enjoyment.

As you can see I’m getting bored already. Working out a couple of times a day, so hopefully I’ll get in better shape.

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  1. I say, ditch the ant. He's just dead weight...extra baggage... you don't need that kind of added pressure in your life.