Friday, September 16, 2005


I turned 33 today.

I was wondering what I would do on the big day before I came here. As it turns out, it will be just like any other day. I mentioned it to the guy I sit next to here at about 0130 in the morning—he had his headphones on watching “Gladiator” on the Media-Web movies thing on the computer network. So either he didn’t care or he didn’t hear me—either way my birthday happened twice—once in Omaha with my family, Mom and Dad, siter and her husband, and once the night before I left where the kids helped me blow the candles out.

The general routine has been set and fine-tuned. The “bar” as it were (really just a small building with some pool tables and a really pissed-off airman who never smiles) is just a place where they serve you alcohol—up to three beers a day. It would seem kind of lame but it has become kind of the thing to do at 10am after night shift. If you drink them really fast you can get a quick buzz and then wander off to sleep. Not eating helps too. I should be losing weight just from the diet—I have usually only been eating once a day, at midnight. I’m just not hungry at 0700 when I get back to the compound.

I’ve made a couple of friends here—unfortunately they’re all from the last rotation and will be leaving in the next few days. They all agree that the job I got handed is kind of a joke. An important joke, but nonetheless…

We should be getting busier soon with the elections coming up in the AOR. Not a whole lot of extra work for me but I get to watch the show anyway. I feel bad for Ben—his life is pretty miserable with the 0300-1200 shift and he actually does work the whole time.

Talked to the family the other day. mcgdo got a 100% on her spelling test. Sammy was really easy to understand on the phone. Especially when he said “Daddy I want you to come back.” The sad part is that my tour didn’t officially begin until 2 days ago. Guess I got here early.

Should have my own room soon and thus be able to write more when I have the computer set up. Talk at you soon.

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