Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I truly do miss blogging. Trouble's disappearance from the blogosphere (relocation, actually) was a slight wakeup call for me. I used to have so much to talk about, and now the only stuff that goes on around my life these days is family stuff that I don't really care to share with the world.

Politics? It makes me sick to my stomach and I feel as if I'm just rehashing old arguments. Daily I am flabberghast that these overpaid, overrich buffoons are running our country.

Military? Ok, that's going relatively well recently. The job I have is still kind of rediculous, but the future is certainly bright right now. It's looking like the family will be going with me, mother-in-law included.

Tae Kwon Do? Still going well--but I started a whole blog on that subject by itself.

Writing. I have had a novel, or at least a god story, buried away for so long. I read Paperback Writer and am jealous beyond reason that she can do that. Honestly, I can feel characters in my head trying to get out. I just don't have a story to let them.


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