Friday, November 17, 2006

So Long, Spanky

We lost a member of our family last night.

Spanky was a chinese pug that my wife had with her in her early days in the Air Force, and then passed on to her mother when she was assigned to Germany, where we met. He was an ornery old bastard, but was loved very much by my wife and mother-in-law. He lived a long life--making it all the way to 16 years. In the past year or so his health has been on a steady decline, and it took a big turn for the worse in the past month. We've been expecting him to go any day, and he died in his sleep last night.

He's probably marking his territory in dog heaven right now.

We'll probably replace him, as he was Koda's best friend. Hopefully with a dog that was a little less ornery and one that gets along with me and the monkies.

Rest in peace, puppy. You'll be missed.

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