Friday, November 25, 2005

Care Package

Got a care package today from Emily. Along with some really good food we can’t get out here (like Hickory Farms stuff) I got the entire set of “Narnia” books by C. S. Lewis. I’d like to read them all before I leave so that I can go watch the movies with the kids when they come out sometime later this year. Sammy wanted to put something in, too, so he put one of his little spacemen action-figures in there, along with pictures that the kids had drawn or written. I know how attached Sammy is to his little spacemen so he sending this to me brought tears to my eyes. Also in the box was a letter from Sarah saying how she wanted me to come home. They sound so different on the phone when I talk to them.

Going back, I’m starting to think, is going to be a challenge. I’ve heard that some people have issues with it. Its going to be difficult to make the transition from working every day for 122 days straight (ok, I had one day off) working wartime issues to working my normal 0700-1600 Monday-Friday job and being a husband and father again. I, by no means, desire anything else but to do that—it’s just starting to present a little apprehension to me.

The base did a good job on Thanksgiving—we had the full spread in the chow hall: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the works. It even cooled down a bit to feel a little more like fall instead of the middle of the summer. And I got to get out of here early enough to spend it with my friends. Instead of football I finally got to finish watching “Alias.” Only problem is now I don’t have any more TV series’ to watch. Guess I’ll start reading “Narnia.”


  1. Hey, I don't no if you've deployed before, but here's some advice if it works for you.
    When I came back from deployments I pretty much gave my wife some space as much as I could because after you've been gone for sooooo long the house is really hers; or at least feels that way. Almost like she's saying, "You know buddy, things were going good enough while you were gone. We finally coped with you not being around and now you're back and screwing everything up!" :)

    Anyway, after my second deployment I just tried to realize that my family had created a 'home' in my absence; they didn't love me any less, but it was really like they had to now deal with a new roomate all over again.

  2. The Narnia book are some of my favorites.