Monday, November 28, 2005

Standing Ovation

We had our “Operation Season’s Greetings” visit last night. The Air Force reserve band started great but kind of fizzled, and the New England cheerleaders were, well, cheerleaders, but there were only four of them there. I stayed for John Popper, former lead singer of Blues Traveler. Even though his band only had a couple of big hits he was phenomenal. That guy can make music with a harmonica like nothing I’ve ever heard before. When he played the National Anthem I got chills down my spine. Not wanting to ruin that I left before Trick Pony came onstage. I hear they're good, but I haven’t listened to country music for quite a while.

At one point in the show the MC came out to talk and give the standard “we’re proud of you, God Bless America” speech. She pointed out that we had some distinguished guests filling the first three rows—soldiers that had been injured up range and were on their way back home. The crowd (us, the non-injured soldiers that have it good here in Al Udeid) went nuts. We gave them a standing ovation that lasted about 10 minutes. It brought tears to my eyes.

I’m working my way up to going full-speed again in an effort of getting in great shape before I leave (remember, that goal I had 2 months ago??). I’ve managed to start running again and the leg seems to be handling it ok so I’m going to up my distance today. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. No Country Music? Why, that's unAmurican! Juuust kiddin'!

    You ought to give it a try though. Country is going through an upheaval right now. Half the industry is holding the line on the more traditional Country sound while the other half is embracing what is to me full blown Southern Rock. I like them both and since I grew up taking pokes at the likes of guys like Ronnie VanZant and hangin' out in places like Silly's Magic Carpet on the beach in SC I know a bit about Southern Rock.

    There's a new band from around here in ATL called Sugarland that is REMish and Southern Rock combined. Shoot, on the CMAs the lead for Sugarland sang with Bon Jovi of all people. That NY show was one weird CMA production for sure. Shame you missed it. Even had a Dolly Parton/Elton John duet! heh!

    Even though I'm an old fart I do whole-heartedly agree with your take on Popper but man did you blow it not stayin' for Trick Pony!

    Take care of yourself!
    Keepin' the Faith!

  2. I heard John Popper had gotten skinny or fat again? What were his dimensions? LOL. He is indeed one talented guy. Thanks for the link. I love your blog.