Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Should've Stuck With My 8th Grade Goals

I'm glad I'm back into blogging. It's amazing how much the blogosphere changes in a very short amount of time. Blogs I liked are gone, blogs I frequented now suck, new blogs are out there that rock. I've spent a lot of time (too much) tweaking lately (props to Yearning Heart for helping me out), surfing new blogs, and making a few new friends. I've also spent a lot of time updating my pictures on Flickr and updating my blogroll--so although it may look like I'm lazing out again, rest assured I am hard at work on not working.

I've also been experiencing my camera lust again. All you have to do is look at Dooce's website to suddenly want to take great pictures. When I was younger I had some weird desire to be a photographer, then just to do it seriously as a hobby--neither of which have ever come to fruition. I see photojournalism as one of the coolest careers out there. Or even better, being able to blog the world ala Kevin Sites. I guess that would be a significant career shift--from Air Force pilot to globe-trotting journalist. Of course, there's kids to think of.

Maybe I'll just stay a staff weenie.

Either way, I think we're close to being settled on an SLR camera. We should be ordering it soon.

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