Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Sarah’s starting get excited.

I keep trying to convince her to wear matching earrings for when I come home. About six months before I left I accidentally popped one of her ladybug earrings out while giving her a bath. She absolutely wouldn’t allow us to put it back in. Eventually it closed up, and she had to get it re-pierced, with a different earring. Since then she’s had a stud in one ear, and a ladybug in the other, since she’s terrified to let Emily swap them out. She sounded brave on the phone and may actually try to match them up for Daddy.

At this point my biggest motivation in getting home is because Emily is getting very pregnant. Sammy was born roughly two months early when we were stationed in Tokyo. He had to spend several weeks in a Japanese NICU, most of which was behind glass in an incubator. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to go through. Well, if Odie was born at the same time, he’s two weeks away from breathing air. As hard-headed as Emily is I can’t convince her to stop lifting heavy items and take it easy. Granted, a lot of things are unavoidable—but at this point I just want to get home to help out so she can finally rest.

5 days to go.

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