Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Flight 93

I'm not normally an A&E type guy, but I happened across an advertisment last night for a movie about the people/events around United Flight 93, the one that crashed after the passengers took over from the hijackers on 9/11.

I was a little hesitant. If I was a screenwriter I don't think I would touch the subject.

It was preceded by a documentary about the events of the day, and then the movie started...

Absolutely amazing.

I'd like to know (and hopefully the answer would be "none") how much they embellished or had to make up due to a lack of facts. I think it should be a mandatory requirement for Americans (in particular Cindy "Psycho" Sheehan) to watch some form of documentary about that day as a reminder once a year. Watch the people diving from the top floors of the WTC through the smoke. Watch movies like this one and listen to the conversations these people had with their husbands, wives, mothers and fathers when they figured out that they were probably all going to die. I think we'd have a few less protests going on.

When I first saw "Schindler's List" many years ago, I had a feeling similar to what I had last night. During a brutal scene in the middle of the movie about the Nazi's clearing out a ghetto, they show the soldier's shooting scared wives in their husband's arms point blank in the forehead because they weren't moving fast enough. I remember, at my younger and about-to-join-the-military age, thinking to myself how satisfied I felt that we had completely crushed the regime and people that were responsible for those acts. I felt the same way last night as I watched those freaks take over that plane.

As a pilot, that's one of the things you fear most--losing control of the plane you're in charge of. Losing control of the ability to keep safe those you're being paid to do protect. I'll write more on that later.


  1. Couldn't agree more! Absolutely excellent comments.
    And it should be mandatory, or at least given equal 'air time', so that the memory of what occurred is not forgotten by the 'peace hippies' yelling about the injustice of our "Illegal War" against the thugs and punks who murder so many thousands!

  2. I know it's hard not to attack personalities, and to stay on the topic - I fall into this trap myself sometimes. But unless we each assume the challenge of truly listening to other points of view, we will continue to see endless conflict between the different peoples of the world - the one world we all share and live on and pass on to our children. Let's keep talking, about the issues rather than the people. Thanks Dave, for continuing to share your thoughts and feelings via this blog despite your busy householder obligations. Keep it up. jms

  3. Who's Dave?

    I only retaliate...I never attack unprovoked :).

  4. What is James talking about?

    Is he referring to your comments about Sheehan? If we can't talk about her and her actions, then maybe she should stop making such a flamboyant display of herself all across the globe. Obviously she's inviting the discussion is she not?