Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Next step in my post-deployment re-creation--getting out more.

Yesterday we packed up and went to Tombstone--you know, the place where they had the shootout at the OK Corral (which, incidentally, they only show at 1400 each day--important detail). It would have been great had it not been 43 degrees all day. If you ever get the opportunity it's a great time. It appears they haven't changed anything since the 1800's or so.

What cracks me up, as always, is the imagination of kids. Put a cowboy hat on four-year-old and he is suddenly Wyatt Earp himself walking the streets looking for bad guys. I'm not sure if Marshall Earp had his pregnant mother walking behind him while he cruised the streets of Tombstone. Sammy apparently didn't mind. The only thing missing from his sidekick was the little fan being constantly waved with utterances of "my, my, what an uncivilized town" from his sister.

We I bought ourselves another trip since I was too lazy to check and see if they show the shootout at specific times, thus causing the Marshall to miss it. Should be worth the trip.

Another character flaw (I have many) is that I can't keep myself from drooling over toys. The latest toy was a second (Emily fiercely protects the first) camera so that I can regularly post on here. The only reason we bought her the original camera in the first place was because we had lost her very expensive Canon last summer. Of course the day after I buy the new camera, we find her old one. By this point I had fallen in love with my new toy, so now we have three. I wonder why I carry a credit card debt.

We told Sammy to look mean in this last picture. Man he cracks me up sometimes.


  1. Great pics! I need a new digi camera, mine has somehow gotten blurry in the focus.

  2. Hi there! I saw I was linked (thanks!) to you and wanted to stop by and say howdy. I like your blog, I'm adding it to my blogroll ;o)

    I'm originally from Tucson, Arizona - it'll always be home to me.

  3. Great, great pics. What a fun day!

  4. Great lookin' youngins pardner!!

  5. Here by way of Kath. Welcome home and Thank You (from Chandler, AZ)