Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Boys

Got to talk to Sammy tonight for a little while. He’s pretty upset. We had told he and his sister that Daddy was going to be home after Christmas—mainly as a way to take his mind off of it and to let him focus on something else. Unfortunately, he wasn’t focusing so much on Christmas than he was on the fact that Daddy was going to be home the very next day (which I won’t be for another couple of weeks). I couldn’t even get him to tell me about the Harley motorcycle (big wheel) that he got from Santa that’s just like mine. I think it was a combination of being sad and pissed off.

I haven’t said much about Odie lately. Apparently he’s a pretty active kid, since he moves and kicks more than his other two siblings combined. Poor Emily hasn’t done any shopping or anything for him since she’s waiting for me to get home to help her. We’re planning on rearranging the house a bit to accommodate for the little one—I’m just not sure how or what we’re going to do. We’ve settled on a few finalists for his name: Jacob, Daniel, and Max. My vote is to have John be his middle name, since the other two have names based on family history (my Dad’s name is John).

It definitely turned to winter here—temperature dropped about 15 degrees in the past couple of days. Guess I got spoiled with the 77 degrees on Christmas Day.

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