Monday, December 19, 2005


The elementary school from Aviano Air Base sent pictures out here again (those kids rock). This time they’ve drawn a bunch of holiday scenes, and a few wrote poems and such on them. One such poem really struck me—enough to copy it down and post it on here. It is written by a kid named Drake DeTienne, from the 4th Grade at Aviano Elementary School in Aviano Italy.

I understand that you miss your family

I appreciate you for keeping us safe

Have a happy holiday in a land far away

I have faith in you to keep us free

I am working hard in school, and using freedom wisely to learn all I can

God Bless you, Drake. You are wise beyond your years.

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  1. hey if anyone gets on this website anymore i would like to say that this is Drake the one who wrote the Christmas poem from Aviono Air Force Base and I would like to say that i am doing well and hope you feel the same way because I have taken my education much higher being a junior in Lousiana High School in Missouri I really thank you guys for keeping us safe from this tragic terror.