Friday, December 30, 2005

It's Getting Crowded Around Here

Seats on the bus are getting hard to come by.

The replacements have started showing up, and will be trickling in over the next month at a steady rate as we start flowing in the opposite direction. It’s a pretty exciting time, though it can be frustrating. The entire is base is beginning to bustle with activity, and you can definitely see the difference in attitudes between those who are just arriving and those that are getting ready to go home. Those just getting here are all kinds of motivated—the gym is packed more than usual, the track has twice the number of people on it, and everyone seems to be in a good, if apprehensive, mood. And those of us leaving are equally motivated if for other reasons—the knowledge that soon we will be headed home.

The frustration I feel from the inconvenience of having to wait an extra ten minutes in the chow line is offset by the awareness that somewhere in this cast of thousands an officer is going to arrive to replace me, enabling me to go back to a little boy who grows sadder each day that he wakes up expecting me to be there.

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