Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I’m having one of those days. I’m just waiting for the right person to say just the wrong thing to give me an excuse to go postal.

Unrelated to that, the MSM is killing me here. This week 15.5 million Iraqis are going to the polls in a major historic event—electing their first permanent parliament. What a lot of people just don’t grasp, or aren’t interested in, is the sheer bravery it takes for those people to go do that. We need to hold special campaigns at home to convince people to vote, and then barely half of us do. These people a risking death and they still go. So something that monumental is the top story, right? Nope.

Tookie Williams.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s done some wonderful things in his life, but also founded the Crips and killed people for fun at one point in his life. Either way, that’s all I’ve seen on TV for days now. Not the terrified people uprange that are chancing murder themselves by simply going to vote. Why aren’t these people on TV?

Couple that with the multitude of people that have pissed me off today and you get close to my reasons for being on the verge of going postal.


  1. Well, Tookie's history now. (good) So maybe they can report on something that is actually important!

    Of course the elections would have to be considered "good news" so I won't hold my breath......

  2. Share your frustration man! And why the heck haven't the damn outlets done one single solitary story on any of the vast array of awards and heroism that have either been one or shown since the war began????


    What stinkin' country am I in?
    Keep your chin up and know that the vast majority of true Americans are 100% behind you all the way!!