Sunday, December 4, 2005

Sunday Recap

The question has been posed by several readers as to what I am going to do with this blog after I go home. The answer is currently a big “I Don’t Know.” I imagine I’d like to keep this going for at least as long as it takes for me to get readjusted back home, if that is ever fully going to happen. I would love to have even marginal success as a regular blogger, but I just don’t see my life or activities as something others would be interested in. As most of my family knows, I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch with really anyone—so maybe this place will be a place for us to meet. I don’t know. As I’ve said, I love writing. I’m open to suggestion.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it earlier but I got to see pictures of my inbound son this week via sonogram. Definitely a boy. I can’t wait to see what he looks like.

Sunday’s are usually pretty slow around here, so I’m going to try to start doing a weekly recap of anything that I’ve seen online that was interesting. I’ll try to avoid doing the standard news and political stuff and stick to well just things that have caught my eye.

The Opinionator: My Hero Takes a Fall

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone: Saddam’s Shop of Horrors

The Washington Post: Blast in Pakistan Kills Al Qaeda Commander

Black Five: The Post That Started It All

A Soldier’s Perspective: Cindy’s Book Signing Flop

Lastly, stop by and check out the Milbloggies for 2005, and maybe toss a vote or two my way. Not like I’m a threat to the Mudville Gazette, but it would be nice to know that more than 2 people have liked reading my words J.

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