Thursday, December 1, 2005

What's a Blog?

Warning--the link on here may not (ok, it isn't) be suitable for children.

As I have been venturing out into the blogosphere I am finding out more and more that blogs aren't exactly what I thought they were. I thought blogs were, in general, like journals--you write whatever is coming to mind for you on that day, share photos, and maybe someone is interested in what is going on in your life. An example of what I thought it was (and here's a BIG warning--this woman is a bit on the "risque" side) is at "Bored Housewife." She is definitely proud of herself, has some serious feminist issues, and likes showing off a herself a lot, but her writing is exceptional (from the two or three posts I read). As far as the written content goes, that's kind of what I imagined this place being a ways back, or maybe what it will become after I leave here.

What I have found, instead, is that most of the bigger blogs, or the more popular ones, are simply recaps of the news, or of other blogs--there's not a whole lot of real creativity in them. Now I'm not bashing them--they are the reason that I ended up getting as many hits as I have in the past few months--because I read them every day and they certainly have their value. They just seem to read a lot like a newspaper to me. I've always wanted to write a book, to really explore whatever creativity I have that I would be able to mystically put on paper. I wrote a lot when I was younger, but those words never really meant anything or were even seen by anyone outside my own family. The blogs that I have seen become the most successful aren't exactly journals--they're like collections of clippings.

Anyway--I thought it was important to point that out. Blogs like hers are the ones that should be being nominated for the bloggies awards. Someday I hope to have the freedom to post like she does on her site.

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  1. She rocks.
    She may be bored, but she is definitely not boring.