Monday, April 24, 2006

Gangster Hotdogs

If you ever want to feel better about yourself, take a trip to your local county fair when it comes to town.

I don't recall going to any of these growing up, so my assumption is that it's primarily a southern activity. Since it had been touted on TV and in school for so long, we rounded up the monkies and headed to the home of fried twinkies and gangsta hotdogs this weekend.

I'm fairly sure I was one of the few high school graduates that spent their weekend at the Pima County Fair. The thing that kills me is how much of a ripoff the place actually is. We spent over $100 for pretty much nothing beyond some reall great laughs at the populace and some fun on rides for the kiddos.

Step Right Up...

They did have a blast, though. This was the first year that Princess was tall enough to go on pretty much every ride, though we held her back because it would mean that Cowboy had to sit and watch. So we limited oursleves to the rides that they both could go on. We met a couple of milestones--the slide in the picture is the first time they've gone on an amusement park event by themselves, and they managed to slip under the wire to get on their first real ride (some spider-looking thing--my only concern was Cowboy's potential to hurl, which would have resulted in a steady spray for 360 degrees due to the centrifugal force; funny, but undesireable). I also had the distinct opportunity to eat fried cookie-dough on a stick, which will go down in history as one of the top five nastiest things I have ever passed between my lips.

All in all, we had fun. Not something I would want to do more than once a year, but fun nonetheless.

Things to look for in the event that you go to a County Fair:

1) The guy emptying a lemonade dispenser into a paint bucket--and then pouring it back into the dispenser.
2) The 300 pound, four-tooth woman wearing the skin-tight shirt that says "fiesty."
3) The two-year old with a full mullet.
4) Fried Snickers Bars, Twinkies, Banannas, Peppers, and Cheese
5) The cute, unrestrained elephant with the flowers around her head (as you read that the most dangerous animal in the circus is the elephant)

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