Friday, April 28, 2006

Let's Just Start a Series of Resolutions

Chinese Ambassador Wang Guangya responded to talk about action against Iran by saying:

''There are a lot of problems in the region and we should not do anything that would cause the situation to become even more complicated,'' said Wang when asked about sanctions.''Whenever Chapter 7 is invoked this will not be the end of the resolutions. This will usually be the beginning of a series of resolutions.''
WTF? So exactly how many resolutions does one need to be convinced that giving a psychotic delusional killer (ahem, Saddam) the ability to develop weapons to wipe countries off the face of the earth is a bad idea??

We gave resolutions to Iraq. We've given "warnings" all over the globe and, if they're bad enough, they don't give a shit. It's worthless overpaid babies politicians like this that let things go so far that we end up having to do what we're doing in Iraq--after thousands of innocent deaths.

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