Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Last Night's Dream

I dream pretty much every night. Generally I don't remember it at all the next morning, unless it is one of my recurring dreams.

I have two that drop in at least once a month, sometimes once a week. I don't understand either, what they mean, or why I have them so often. It has been going on for years.

The first is related to school: I somehow have to go back to my alma mater as a student. After having been in the military for many years, I'm considered an old fart there, but I'm still a student with no responsibility. I always seem to have a feeling that I left something there unfinished (often the reason I'm back is due to my needing one more class to keep my degree). Strange.

The second is the more common one. I witness a plane crash, usually from behind some kind of a fence or a window. Last night the Lucky clan was in a small airport in a foreign country for some reason, and I watched a two-engine commuter try to land and blow past the runway. Off the departure end was a highway overpass. The plane flipped 360 degrees, and looked like it was going to make it (I remember thinking "wow, good move"). Then it's nose pitched up, and the tail struck the overpass. The tail sheared off, and the plane nosed down out of sight and exploded. I woke up as the emergency vehicles (two helicopters and three trucks) were racing to the scene.

Unlike most of my other dreams, my memory of these is extremly vivid. I've always wondered what they meant, or if they were some kind of foreboding.


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