Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Film Festival

While on my hiatus I had the opportunity to watch a few movies. The two big ones were the latest kid's flicks.

We went to see "Over the Hedge" while the monkies were staying at the grandparents'. I skipped out of the last couple of briefings at the conference and zipped over to join them at the theater. Honestly I thought it was going to suck--it just didn't look that good. It turned out to be absolutely hysterical. People that make those movies have finally figured out that if they make it entertaining for the parents that they're more likely to get them to buy the DVD after it comes out. The kids liked it too, but it was, of course, overshadowed by the movie that cowboy has been waiting for 20% of his life for--"Cars."

I've only gotten goosebumps once before in a cartoon movie, and that was the closing scenes over "The Lion King." Got them again in the opening scene of this one. If you haven't seen it yet, the movie opens with the star in a big race, and it makes that movie. I'm not even a NASCAR fan, but sitting in front of that screen with the surround-sound--let's just say you'd be missing out if you wait for it to come out on DVD.

I watched some DVD's in my room at the conference since (clearly) I didn't have any access online (why is that still so difficult to get?). First movie I saw was Aeon Flux. The story rocks. The special effects rock. Charlize Theron (especially in the outfits she wears) really rocks. Great movie.

The next one I saw was "Crash." Other than "Lord of the Rings", I haven't seen many movies that won "Best Picture" that I thought were worth seeing. "Cold Mountain" was good, but not mind-blowing. I had heard that this movie was depressing, disturbing, as well as uplifting and a "feel-good" movie. So--I had nothing to do, I may as well see it for myself. What an amazing movie. I was completely blown away by it. I'm a guy--one of my all-time favorites is "Gladiator"--but I have been known to get a tear or two when watching a movie that warrants it. There's a scene in the movie involving a little girl, about the same age as Princess.

It completely, no exaggeration, dropped me to the floor.

Now granted, I had a couple of Captain and Cokes in me, but I had to stop the movie because I couldn't focus. It was a hands-to-the-mouth, stop breathing, eyes sand-dollar-wide moment that I won't ever forget. Based on that scene alone (which, obviously, you need to watch the whole movie to get the build-up to) it deserved the Oscar it got. It is defintely a conversation generator, as there is defintely a message in it--the issue is that the message is different for different people. Simply brilliant.

Lastly, and this was last night, was a movie that I've seen a bunch of times but is still one of my favorites--even though most people that have seen it tell me they didn't like it much. "Signs," with Mel Gibson, is an M. Night Shylaman masterpiece. It's what I think a "scary" movie should be to be the best--I don't think they had to edit it at all to put it on TV. All the gory sex-and-language filled horro movies you see now just bore the hell out of me. I've seen this at least five times and it still scares me. On top of that, it has an awesome message and story to go along with it. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

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