Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm back.

This tends to be the most motivated I get all year--the month or so after my annual trip with the Lucky clan to my parents' house. I tend to do some serious damage to my body during these trips--we eat out almost every meal, I work out rarely (if ever), and my Dad and I drink VAST amounts of alcohol in a very short period of time.

To say I'm in a sorry condition by the time I get back is an understatement.

This year, to make matters worse, the trip took place immediately after a week of TDY to St. Louis. That was immedaitely after a week of bachelor-dom. All in all, a veritable disaster to my body.

So--taking advantage of whatever motivation may come out of this, I'm going to revisit and revise my "list" that I wrote up after getting back from the desert. At this point, I really don't even remember what those goals were, or whether I've made any progress to accomplishing them. I think re-evaluating every six months is a good call. So--here we go:

1. Make Breakfast. I do this on the weekends. Not what I orginally had in mind, but I'm going to call this one a success. New number one: Teach Princess to Ride Her Bike. If anyone has suggestions on how to do this I'm all ears. I've tried a few times already, but she is so terrified of falling that she puts her feet down, banging her legs into the pedals, and hirting herself. It gets discouraging for both of us.

2. Reduce the Load. We did a good job at this after I got back, bringing a few truckloads to Goodwill. It's time to do it again--so this one will stay.

3. Build a Wild Playset. Done. New number three: Comfortably run three miles. My PT test is coming up in a couple of months and I need to get ready. I signed up for a Body-for-Life tracker a month or so ago, and never did anything with it. I've got some serious work to do.

4. Walk With the Kids. I have completely failed at this one. I started walking with the dog and Odie in the mornings--but that's not what I meant. I meant after work taking a walk around the block with the monkies on their bikes. This one stays.

5. Help Around the House More. Touch and go here--I do have moments that help out, but I could definitely do more.

6. Keep Blogging. I'd say this is a success--seeing as I've tripled how much I blog since I got home. But to be honest--during the break I didn't miss it much.  So this one is going to change to Blog Less.

7. Start Flying. Still a complete failure. This MUST become a priority as if I have any hopes of getting into a cockpit again, I need to regain proficiency.

8. Buy a DVR. I gave this a shot but was slightly miffed when Cox Cable wouldn't come install one for me--seeing as by doing so they'd be sucking another $10 a month out of me. However--after this trip, where my parents have a DVR, I am hooked. Looks like I'll have to make a trip this weekend.

9. Go Somewhere, Anywhere, Once a Month. Failure. We've just been so busy that we haven't had time.

10. Manage My Time. This goes up and down. I'm going to get serious on this one. I have so many do-dads and gadgets that there really is no excuse.

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