Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I've been busy the past couple of days.

Well, yesterday wasn't exactly busy--the network here was touch and go all day. Tried to post but couldn't. Handled the DT's I got as a result quite nicely.

This used to be a military blog. I was sifting through the hundreds of posts I've put on here trying to find out when I veered away from politics and the military. Granted, my current job isn't the most interesting in the world, and the parts that are interesting can't be posted on here. One thing I do remember from being over there--I checked my Site Meter and TTLB ratings religiously, if for no other reason than not having anything to do. So, with that in mind--try to stop by the Milblogs, if only to offer them support and to let them know that someone is actually reading their blogs. I'm telling you--it was a major morale boost when Richmond told me that someone was actually listening. Here are some new ones:

...From Afghanistan
Dissing Your Dog
My Deployment Blog
Bandit Three Six
Bob on the FOB

On a political note--I may come across as callous, but if I was the president of Isreal I would have steamrolled Palestine a long time ago. So it's a good thing for me to see them gearing up to finally go kick some ass. I have a whole post in mind regarding that, but I'm more interested in watching the show on the news right now.

Week One for the Body-for-Life thingy ends today. Lost 6 pounds, but I think that's primarily due to water loss or whatever. I tend to drop early weight relatively quickly--so I'm expecting another few pounds to go and then come to a screeching halt. We'll see, I guess.

I'm in the market for a laptop so I can keep writing while on the road (coupla big TDY's coming up). I like the tablet PC's, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Anyone buy a good one recently?

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