Thursday, June 22, 2006


I wrote a while ago about motivation.

Talk about a downhill slide. The more out of shape you get the less likely you are to work out. It's a hole I've been in for years. I was hospitalized immediately after Pilot Training with a condition that almost took my wings away, but which I eventually overcame. Unfortunately, the recovery took what was a pretty solid body and buried it under fat, and laid me up as far as working out goes for quite a while. As the years went by I had several "comebacks," but none that ever resulted in me finally getting back to the person I once was. Once marriage and kids hit simultaneously, it just got worse and worse, both for me and my wife. For me, with every comeback there followed a meteoric collapse, and, as expected, I ended up worse than when I started.

Well here goes my latest comeback. I finally got up the nerve to post my "before" pictures on the Body-for-Life tracker (no, I'm not going to give a link--you're gonna have to find it yourself). It appears to be a great support group, even though I despise support groups. My goal date is my birthday in September. Once I get over the sheer embarassment of my appearance maybe I'll post some of the results on here. In the meantime, I've added a Body-for-Life blogroll with some of the more inspiring success stories on the right. If you need motivation, check them out.

God knows I need it.

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