Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm scared.

I was watching the President this morning giving a speech about the economy that he has given a dozen times and I got the feeling that, at this point, noone is taking him seriously anymore. I got the feeling that so many people are so tired about the war and this administration that the outcome of the elections this fall, and the next Presidential elections, will be disasterous.

The President's support is waning day by day. I used to read political/military blogs almost exclusively and these days it gets hard for me to stomach them. Politics in general were always hard to stomach--I honestly don't think a "changing of the guard" this fall will have any noticable effect whatsoever--but the national "mood" and opinion is getting difficult to watch. There's nothing like watching the Spirit of a nation deteriorate, especially when that nation is the one you've sworn your life to defend.

My fear is that by the time the next presidential election rolls around, if significant progress is not made, the voters will go for anyone who can end this. And, much like Vietnam, we will be pulled out with our tail between our legs. And all those solider's lives will have been lost in vain. There is so much self-preservation in politics today, that the greater good or greater goal is lost in the duststorm. The people of Iraq need us. The people of Iraq WANT us to help them, because they know that if we bail, then what is already is horrible place to be will become the truest version of hell on earth.

I can't imagine what being in the US Military would be like, if the anti-war side wins this one.


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