Thursday, July 13, 2006


This week has sucked.

In addition to my normal issues at work, a plethora of other issues have been dropped in my lap, and my co-worker has elected not to help in any way. Couple that with the car issues (more on that below) and not being able to get around, and life just kind of generally sucks here.

This has been the first week we've been able to try to do the TKD schedule with the monkies going at one time, and us at another. Plus SW is working from 0900-1400. For example, Tuesday's schedule. Mind you, we live 35 minutes from town:

0700: I go to work
0830: SW goes to work
1400: SW Dentist appointment
1430: I leave work early to go back home and get the monkies
1510: Me and the monkies go to TKD
1610: SW arrives at TKD
1645: We leave in 2 cars to go home, I stop at Walgreen's for medicine for MIL
1730: I get home
1810: SW and I go to TKD
1945: TKD over, we go home
2015: Cook dinner
2045: Eat said dinner
2130: Pajamas and get monkies ready for bed
2200: Collapse in a heap

That is how it's been for us for a while now. The singlemost largest mistake we made was living so far from town. Tonight we get to go to two different schools (a fine example of Arizona's politicians failure to support the poplualce in their explosive growth in the last few years) for the monkies two open houses. The first is at 1730, the second at 1815, and we're supposed to be at TKD for me and SW's class at 1840. Oh yeah, we still live 20 minutes from the school. Not sure if we'll make that one.

Next on the list of Lucky's woes is the car situation. We need three modes of transportation: car for SW to get to work, Harley for me to get to work, and car for monkies to get to school. A while ago our Durango started overheating when the temperature topped 95 degrees. I replaced a couple of things and flushed out the radiator, but we eventually had to take her in. After a $340 bill on Friday, the damn thing overheated again last weekend. So now we're minus a car while the guys at the dealership have been trying to figure it out for the last few days. The monkies start school on Monday, so we really need this to be handled.

Continuing the beginning of my financial ruin is SW's dental woes. She cracked a tooth while she was preggo and couldn't go to the dentist until Odie popped out. When she finally got in, the diagnosis was grim: two root canals, two crowns and a bridge. While the military generally does a good job at taking care of its people, one place they fail miserably is dependant health care. The insurance that we have is abysmal. So, all told, we got a $3000 bill dropped in our lap this week. This is two weeks after we spent $1700 to go see the grandparents in St. Louis.

I'm trying to tell myself "one thing at a time" over and over, but it's not working very well. I'm at the brink of being overwhelmed at this point.


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