Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm Famous

At least I will be for a few minutes.

Breigh (Bree-Ah) from Canadutch dropped me a line to say that she had found my site through 25peeps today. 25peeps is a website that you upload a single picture, and if it gets enough hits you move up a list to eventually be in the top 25. I think I uploaded mine about six months ago. Well, apparently I've made it to the big top 25, because when I went to check it out--lo and behold, there I was with the monkies.

My pic will only stay up as long as people click on it--so help a brother out! Drop by 25peeps and click on me...

Ok, enough beggin'...back to my miserable week.

UPDATE: YOU GUYS ROCK. By day's end I have moved up into the top couple of spots...beaten only by the guys that made their ass look like a great set of knockers (wait a minute...)

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