Wednesday, July 19, 2006

School's In

The school district that we live in does year round school. What that means is that the monkies get half the summer break that I did as a kid, but they get multiple two-week breaks throughout the year. It's a little bit of work for us now, since it tosses even more chaos into our already chaotic schedule, but it pays back when they (and we) get a break a few times a year.

They had their first day of school on Monday. Princess seems to be an old pro at this now, although we're not too crazy about her teacher. She just seems a little too high-maintainence and self-absorbed to be a second-grade schoolteacher. To top it off she loaded Princess up on the bus on her second day, even though we filled out the forms and explicitily reminded her to not put our kids on the bus. So SW spent yesterday afternoon stopping the busses before they left the parking lot to pull Princess off. To add to it--the teacher tried to lay the blame for the debacle on us, by saying that we hadn't filled out the correct information on her nametag.

Cowboy's a different story. We went to great lengths to get the teacher we wanted, and to get him in the same class as his best friend. My first impression of her is an awesome one. She seems to be great with kids and Cowboy loves her so far. I was hesitant as to how he would handle going to Kindergarten, but he took it in stride and barely said goodbye to us.

SW seemed to handle dropping Cowboy off without any problems--I managed to hold tears back somewhat until I got in the car.

He still looks like a baby to me.

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