Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Anti-War Video Fraud

Oh the sweet taste of vindication.

Yesterday a commenter left this on here in response to my Soccer Hazing post:

Hi Lucky, I wonder if you have been pointed to this: , and if/when you have watched it, what your comments might be? Is this what hazing makes possible? Not angry, just curious.
Well, I watched it, and my first thought was that this guy was not only full of shit, but couldn't possibly be a real Army Ranger. Unfortunately, I couldn't prove that--so I left it alone.

As it turns out--this moron was investigated by the US Army (after being tipped off by milbloggers and Michelle Malkin) and they said they had never heard of the guy. This was supposedly the 2nd highest hit website in the blogosphere yesterday.

This guy supposedly is supported by another favorite group of mine--Iraq Veterans Against the War. Smash suggests that we need to take a closer look at IVAW--I'm sure there's more Jesse's from where this one came from.

Good job, You not only (like every other anti-war protester out there) damaged the credibility of the US troops in harm's way, but you made yourselves look like complete jackasses.

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