Friday, May 5, 2006

E. D. Hill

I started watching Fox News after 9/11. I don't watch it because of their "fair and balanced" B.S., or because I even remotely agree with everything they say. I absolutely cannot STAND Sean Hannity. O' Reilly isn't much better. The main reason that the ol' FNC is usually on is because they tend to cover stories that I'm interested in. FNC? CIA Director quitting. CNN? That chick in Aruba that makes my ears bleed every time I hear about her. FNC wins every time.

For years I've watched "Fox and Friends" as background music to the morning routine, but now they have finally provided me with a solid target that I just can't pass up.

Miss E. D. Hill.

Mistress of the Obvious, Confounder of the Wise, and general Idiot of the Month. (Hey...maybe THAT's something I should start doing). I am absolutely dumbfounded that they allow her to remain on the airwaves. Pretty much every day she drops some airheaded ridiculous observation on us, and I feel it is my God-given responsibility to point out this Stupid Hypocritical Idiotic Talk (S.H.I.T.) on here. Today's gem:

"I don't like speed limits, either. But there are laws in this country and you can't break them."
I sincerely hope that someone with more time on their hands than I follows her around to point out how many times she breaks that law each day.

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