Friday, May 19, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I finally got tagged...twice.

This does make you think...

I AM: A very passionate person. To a fault. It gets me in trouble a lot.
I WANT: A kick-ass entertainment system. Even if we just watch Spongebob.
I HATE: Incompetence.
I MISS: Texas.
I FEAR: A lot. The loss of my family. Failure. The dentist.
I HEAR: The monkies getting into something they shouldn't. From blocks away.
I WONDER: What type of children I'm raising.
I REGRET: Hurting a lot of people that felt a great deal for me when I was younger.
I AM NOT: Proactive.
I DANCE: When I'm alone and in a great mood.
I SING: On my way to work. I sing more as the week gets older.
I CRY: Cried my eyes out at the end of Titanic. Felt like a complete ass.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Motivated.
I WRITE: Well, here, obviously. I email a lot.
I CONFUSE: My wife's expectations of me as a husband.
I NEED: To sit in front of a computer less and on the running track more.
I SHOULD: Spend less money meaninglessly (is that a word?)
I START: A lot of hobbies.
I FINISH: Not many hobbies.

Whew! Managed to get through that painlessly...

I tag: Melanie, Kath, and Cami.

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