Thursday, May 25, 2006


Superwife is being recruited.

Last week she told me that she had been approached by a friend of hers from Cowboy's preschool regarding a business opportunity in a company called "Arbonne." Arbonne is a Swiss skin-care company that sells their items through individual distributors in the US. You get hired, and you sell. One thought went through my head when SW told me this.

Oh my God. Mary Kay has invaded my home.

She went to a meeting with her "recruiter" over lunch, which led to another meeting with her and her husband, requiring that I come along. Begrudgingly, I went last night to a local restaurant to hear her pitch.

We had a blast. I got along great with both of them, and she explained a lot about the company, and why it's not like Mary Kay. Honestly, she just makes a butt-ton (that's a lot) of money doing this, and it was pretty hard for us to not be convinced.

So that's one of my tasks over my week of bachelority--to research this company for dirt. There's got to be some serious pain-in-the-ass catch that we're not seeing. SW is NOT a makeup sales type person. In fact, you don;t really do a whole lot of selling--you convince other people to do the selling for you.

I'm VERY skeptical of this because it takes some serious $$$ to get started. Has anyone heard anything about this?

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