Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Soccer Hazing

I just don't get this.

As I've posted before, I went to a school where hazing was pretty rampant. Probably not as much anymore, but it was out of control when I was there. But the hazing that we had done to us was all physical--made to do pushups until we threw up, sweat parties, stuff like that. Taking our clothes off and getting heads jammed into toilets just didn't happen. There was a case where some dumbasses threatened to set the first couple of girls in the school on fire and those guys were summarily expelled.

My philosophy (at least how I make sense of it in my head) was that, at a military school, we were being prepared to handle the stresses of military life. To be honest--it worked. I felt such a sense of accomplishment that I was better equipped to deal with a lot of hardships that were due to come my way in those four years. And the years afterward.

But this I just don't understand.

I dated a girl in college that was a rush (and later a member) of Tri-Delta at Longwood. Longwood was the birthplace of tri-delta. As such, she had the living shit hazed out of her, much like what you see the soccer team doing in the news right now. How in the hell does hazing help someone rushing a sorority? Or even moreso--how does it help a soccer team? I always thought that sports teams were "exempt" from this crap since they trained their hearts out.

This continues (as it did at my alma mater) because when the stink blows over, the faulty parties will end up with a slap on the wrist. I would personally bring charges against anyone that did this shit to my daughter--if they managed to survive long enough.

If anyone out there experienced this stuff and can explain it to me, please let me know.

You're on a friggin' soccer team for crying out loud!

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