Monday, May 15, 2006


The double-whammy of SW's birthday and Mother's Day being in the same weekend went really well.

SW started the tradition of making a big deal out of birthdays a few years ago by buying baloons and streamers and the works for one of the monkey's birthdays a few years ago. As is often the case, when you do it once they are bound to expect it every time. So--birthdays are a big deal in the Lucky household.

For this year I tossed in a little twist. In honor of the immigration speech tonight I threw a "Fiesta" party this year. What a blast. We had chili-pepper garland all over the room, a blow-up cactus on the table, made chili-con-queso dip adn strawberry margaritas. SW taught the kids how to do the Mexican hat dance and we danced until midnight (on a school night...ugh). When I came down this morning you would have sworn that we had thrown a massive party and not been surprised to find someone passed out under the table.

Good times...good times...

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