Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I need a word to fit a definition here.

I am getting "blogged out." I actually have a job now, a third kid, and life has turned the heat up a little in regards to my personal time (that having been said, I'm "Bach'ing" it next week as the fam goes to Austin to see family--I should have copious time then). Couple that with my wonderful idea to review websites (not thinking it would catch on as it has) and the "joy" I was getting out of putting my thoughts to paper (well, ok, to screen) is starting to diminish.

I'm not thinking of quitting, mind you--I'm just getting a tad burnt out. Thus the definition--now I just need a word. Blogriated? Overblogged? Blogoated? Blogated? I'm open to suggestion...


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