Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh the Humanity...

I saw a picture recently of a starving child that was taken several years ago. The photo won the Pulitzer Prize, but the photographer killed himself three months after the photo was taken--presumably as a result of what he experienced during the trips he took. I've had the photo for a few days--but have thus far held back showing it because it's such a powerful picture.

I see that, and then I see this:

LOS ANGELES - Paris Hilton's mother can only imagine what her celebrity daughter got her for Mother's Day. That's because thieves stole the gifts before Kathy Hilton received them.

A gift bag containing nearly $10,000 worth of Christian Dior shoes, sunglasses, handbags and perfume was taken from outside the Hilton home, spokesman Elliot Mintz said Monday.

The younger Hilton "spent three or four hours shopping to put together this wonderful collection of things for her mom," Mintz said.

There are certain aspects of my country that make my skin crawl. This (and she) is one of them.

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