Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Family Crisis

Gonna be a big blogging day...lots to talk about.

This morning as I was making the monkies lunches Superwife came across a little note in Princess's lunchbox. On one side it said "you are so hot," and on the other it said "I wish we coob (with a b) kiss."


After a minor inquistition we figured out that it was from a boy in her class. She claims to be ignoring the notes. Unfortunately, she's exactly like her Dad--so I know she's getting a huge ego boost out of it and is most definitely NOT ignoring it. We managed to get the name of said punk out of her. My intial choice as to course of action varies quite differently from SW's.

There was an incident a few months ago in which her teacher told us that she was getting "too friendly" with a boy in her class. When we questioned her as to why, her answer was simple--that he was "soft." Once I caught a glimpse of the fatass punk I had to agree that he was definitely soft. While my initial choice was to hang spaz from his ankles from the roof of the building, SW's tactic of diplomacy ended up working much better.

So my choice was to write a note back from my daughter, with the words "Just so you know--my 220 pound father can bench press four times your weight. Oh, and he wants to kill you." SW's choice prevailed yet again and she went to talk to the teacher again today.

This is the last public school my kids will go to.

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