Monday, February 27, 2006

Checkin' In

To those who have sent messages wondering where I've, Superwife hasn't popped yet. Her feet are about the size of watermelons, but she still has managed to devote an entire weekend to entertaining the monkies instead of doing stuff that we really need to do, like get ready for Odie's arrival.

Speaking of which, we have settled on a name for the little creature--Benjamin John. The other monkies have Biblical names, so we decided to stick with that, and John is my Dad's name.

I have officially been given a new job, probably much to the satisfaction of those who were changrined at my dissertation of what my current job day consists of. I am officially in charge of something now, so my days will fill back up once more. I still plan on blogging as much as time allows.

So, I'm still here. Just catching my breath :).

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