Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Photos

Another winner from the MSM.

Referring back to my post on how freedom of the press implies a serious dose of judgement, I simply can't understand why any sane individuals would see this as a positive piece of news reporting. They refused to put the Mohammad cartoons on their pages. Good call, in my opinion. The risk of causing more riots and offending Muslims in general outweighed the benefit of gaining readers.

So why publish these photos? This accomplishes the same effect that publishing the cartoons would have, except it gives the bad guys a specific target--the US Military. Nice job.

Beyond that, you never see the positive things that occurred at Ghraib. Of course not--publishing those would imply a level of support for the boys. The MSM simply can't have that.

Michelle Malkin called them out on this. I doubt we'll hear anything about it.

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