Monday, February 27, 2006

Iraqi's Pulling Their Weight

Just read about how the Iraqi counter-insurgency forces caught Zarqawi's top aide today. Nice to see the changes that are occurring as they take over more of the responsibility. What I did find interesting, however, was that news of the capture made it to the MSM before it made it to the US Military guys over there.

It said Abu Farouq al-Suri, previously unknown to the media, was captured by the Wolf Brigade, one of several counter-insurgency units operating within the Shi'ite-run Interior Ministry but accused by Sunnis of targeting civilians in their community.

The word Suri is Arabic for Syrian, indicating that the captured man may have come from Iraq's western neighbor.

U.S. military spokespeople were unaware of the capture.

I wonder what this means in regards to the coooperation between the two...

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