Thursday, February 9, 2006

Madonna's Hot

I am not a big awards-show fan.

A lot of people get all giddy when the Grammys or Oscars come around--I didn't even know they were happening until I was flipping through the channels last night. It's actually pretty rare these days that I even buy a new CD (digtially or otherwise) since I haven't been too turned on by the music that's come out in the past few years.

So it was just as a sidenote to have some music in the background when I clicked on the stream Yahoo put on their site of the Madonna/Gorillaz performance at the Grammys last night...

I guess her "Hung Up" (I think that's it--her latest from "Confessions on a Dance Floor") video is a bit offensive to some, since I heard about it without seeing it from people that were saying that she should "act her age." Mind you that I grew up as Madonna was becoming a star, and she's been in the scene ever since. So I was 13 when she was on her "Like a Virgin" tour. Girls at my middle school shocked nuns when they would show up with a lace glove on (I wonder what they would say now, with what I've seen teen girls wearing). Either way, I thought she was pretty hot back then.

The performance I saw was really friggin cool. Somehow they took the 3D animated images of the Gorillaz and had them onstage, and in the middle of the performance Madonna rose up out of the stage to start her part. She danced around the stage, and the 3D images, as if they were actually there with her. At first I thought that maybe it was a screen behind her, until she walks around behind them, too. Pretty amazing stuff.

I hope when I'm her age that I look like that and can still move like that. I mean, she's 47 years old and still rocks.

And she's still hot.

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