Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cold Turkey


I had never heard about this, but I just found out about a new movie in Turkey called "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq." Essentially it is a screamingly psychotic insurgency-promoting anti-American film produced by Turkish national Raci Samas. After doing some research, the same company produced a Turkish TV series called Kurtlar Vadisi, based upon a fictional Turkish mafia. The show was a big hit--so it's no surprise that the populace raced to see the version of the mafia that is cast upon the US military...

What scares me the most about this is that it is a no-holds barred, scathing attack on the US. From what I could garner from the reviews I've read, it portrays situations that are being taken as truth--Abu Ghraib, assaults on civillians, wacko nazi-like doctors, etc.--even though they are clearly and completely false. I would try to equate this to "Apocalypse Now" as to a false portrayal of the behavior of American soldiers, but this is so far over the top that if it wasn't putting (again) lives in danger it would be laughable. Even script-writer Bahadir Ozdener claims that "maybe 60% or 70% of what happens on screen is factually true." Of course, that doesn't necessarily matter--we've seen what cartoons can do.

And now for the point--take a look at the credits on the movie poster. The stars of this murderous anti-American garbage? None other than Billy Zane and Gary Busey. Busey I already knew to be a nutcase. But Billy Zane starring in this is tantamount to treachery. His claims were that he was anti-"any war" and he felt that this"is not against my country's people... I am doing this movie because I am a patriot. I'm against all wars, because wars don't have happy endings."

Should these guys be kicked out of the US? Nah. But I would like to see them dropped off in downtown Fallujah or Ankara for a weekend just to see the damage they've done.

Apparently I'm the last guy on the block to hear about this--since I've found it around a lot since it was released this weekend. Read more about it here.

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